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What is the Humma Humma Society?

The Humma Humma Society is a place full of weirdness and fun where anyone can join and display their weirdness. This website works best for really weird people that are not appreciated for their craziness. 

Once you join the Humma Humma Society there will be so many weird and crazy things for you to do. And the best part is, no one is going to bring you down. That's right, Humma Humma Society is a judge-free zone. For kids of all ages and even adults and parents, everyone can have fun with all the newest features and updates that we will be adding.

So go ahead! Join by clicking the button below and then open up! No one's judging you here.

Our Team

The founders of the Humma Humma Ho Society


Humma Humma Ho Founder
Nethanya is a very awesome crazy person and because of her weirdness, she is the founder of the Humma Humma Ho Society. Nethanya has come up with many crazy phrases and Humma Humma Ho is one of them which we decided to use as our website name. Besides being weird, Nethanya loves singing, songwriting and reading. Nethanya would probably be one of the craziest people you would ever meet.


Humma Humma President
Kate is one of the weirdest people I've met. In a great way. Kate always makes me laugh and is definitely crazy. Kate loves writing stories reading books and Harry Potter. She is awesome and can put on the best accents ever! Kate is the president


Company Employee and Lawyer